The fastest CLBP Chicks & Chaps Runners are.....
Chaps 10k : Jon Armitage (Lease Plan) &
Joe Nabs (Lease Plan) both with 1.05.24
Chicks 10k: Rebecca Robinson  (Right Move) with 53.54
Chaps 5k: Stephen Coombes(Right Move) with 19.04
Chicks 5k: Tina McGreal (Parcel Force) with 26.45

Special mention must go to Stephen Coombes of Rightmove who came 4th overall in the 5k Chaps race. Well done Stephen!

The run was held last night (June 8th), starting at the Caldecotte Arms at 7pm.
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The full listing of all the runners' times can be found here

Many thanks to everyone who took part.